1. You can only open projects with html or xml translation source files in XTM Visual Editor from the Tasks tab. Go to the Tasks tab > Active, open the project’s context menu, and select Open Visual Editor.

tasks context menu

2. XTM Visual Editor opens in a new window. Click some text in XTM Visual Editor to display the text editing space, type your translation there, and press the Enter key. The text for editing becomes highlighted in yellow.

xtm visual editor

3. When a fuzzy match is found, click the green icon to write it to the target segment without inline elements.

fuzzy match in xtm visual editor

4. Click the Check current segment icon to run QA checks on the segment.

qa in xtm visual editor

5. Click the Do not save translation in TM to request XTM not to save the translation. The message “This translation will not be saved in the TM” displays when the function is used.

do not save translation

6. Click the Add a comment button to leave a comment to a segment.

add comment

7. Click the Segment, Matches and Comments buttons to show or hide information about the segment, its matches or comments. Click the minimize icon to the right of the screen to hide the text editing space.

segment, matches, comments

8. Click the minimize icon again to restore the text editing space. You can also hide and show the source text preview.

hiding the source text

9. Click the Settings icon to open the settings and set you preferred options, such as font size and shortcuts.

xtm visual editor settings

10. When you have finished translation, click the green arrow icon to finish the task. Make sure all text is translated when XTM prompts you to confirm, then click the Yes button.

finishing a task in xtm visual editor