1. Open a file for translation. Click the Settings icon, then click the Options tab. Select Yes for Run QA automatically when segment set to done.

xtm editor settings

2. Enter a translation for a segment and confirm it. Once you have confirmed it, the QA checks will run automatically. A red highlight of the entire segment, together with the error messages, indicates an issue with inline elements.

translation in a segment

3. When there are no issues with inline elements in translated segments, XTM highlights the remaining issues such as spelling errors in yellow (seg. 2), repeated words (seg. 3) or double spaces in orange (seg. 4), and more.

qa errors

4. Click the Check current segment button on the right toolbar to verify only the active segment.

check segment

5. To check more than one segment at a time click the Run QA on… icon on the left toolbar, and select one of the options.

check all segments

  • Select Page to run QA checks on all the segments in the current page.
  • Select either of the other two options to run QA checks on all the segments assigned to you in the document. The Editor will automatically filter the segments to display only those with QA issues.

filter icon

Click the yellow filter icon to display all segments again.

6. Click OK on the pop-up prompt to display only segments with QA issues. Place the mouse cursor on the attention icon to display a tooltip with an explanation of the problem.

qa warning

7. Click the Segment filters icon, select Invalid inline tags, and click the Apply filters button to only display segments with invalid inline elements.

segment filters

8. Now you can quickly correct segments that contain issues with inline elements.

segment without inline elements