1. Click the Options icon, go to the Shortcuts tab and find Insert inline or special character.

2. Use the shortcut set for that option or specify a new one if no shortcut is associated with the feature.

3. In the Insert inline or special character, *click LRE or RLE depending on text direction of your target text. LRE changes text direction to Left-to-right. RLE changes text direction to Right-to-left.

4. Start typing text, even if the {LRE} or {RLE} inline element does not appear to be in the correct place. You may notice that the text is added in the direction opposite to the rest of the target text.

5. When finish typing your phrase in the direction opposite to the target text direction, open the Insert inline or special character window again, and insert PDF text direction mark.

6. Target texts are now bidirectional.


An example of Arabic to English bidirectional text.

*To select a text direction mark with the keyboard alone, use the Tab key and arrows. Then insert the mark by pressing Enter.