1. Go to the Configuration tab > Data > Custom fields > Terminology custom fields, and click the Add button.

2. Type in a name for the field and select the type you would like to use.

3. Enter a short, unique name to identify the field in the TBX termbase exchange format. Use the Show in option to choose whether the field will apply to a whole concept or just an individual term, and check or uncheck the Active checkbox to activate or deactivate the field. If you selected the dropdown or multiple selection field type, enter the values to choose from. When you have finished configuring the custom field, click the Save button.

Your terminology custom field is now added to the list and is active.

4. To have your custom field displayed by default in the terminology list, go to the Terminology tab, click Manage and the settings icon. Then click Concept or Term details depending on where you applied the custom field, and expand the dropdown list below “Show in short view”. Select the newly created terminology custom field, and click the Save button.

5. Your terminology custom field is now displayed under Concept or Term and you can select from your predefined options.