A connection problem between the PC and XTM server may result in some requests not getting a response from the server. Usually, such problems are caused by internet issues on users' end or more by global network issues. Also in most cases, such issues are just temporary and the user can work after a while.

Below are the basic steps you can follow in order to troubleshoot your issue:

  1. Clear your browser's cache
  2. Try another browser
  3. Try accessing XTM in the private (incognito) mode
  4. Run your browser without plugins or extension
  5. Try different computers and locations
  6. Check if connecting your internet via cable helps or reset your router
  7. Check your proxy or firewall settings

If none of the above helped, please deliver this feedback:

  • Could you provide any examples of this behavior e.g screenshots?
  • Can you send us a sample problem and the name of the user who experienced it?
  • Is the problem only specific in the Workbench application?
  • Do the affected users use the API or only log in from the UI?

And then also follow this guide:



Linux & Mac


Where your usual command would look like in the following example: 

tracert www.xtm-cloud.com

tracert xtm-cloud.com

The output of the above-mentioned command should be saved on a screenshot and sent to us for further analysis along with information from what country or geographical region a given user hails from.

Useful links:

Clear your cache (all browsers): https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic 

Using Dev Tools for basic troubleshooting: https://support.xtm-intl.com/a/solutions/articles/29000033565?lang=en