When submitting tickets, please remember that XTM is only an intermediary between you and a given MT provider. We are not responsible for the quality of the returned text and can only influence the overall process in a small way.

MT failing during synchronization

Initial checks you can perform before submitting a ticket:

  1. Check if no additional whitespaces are present
  2. Check if your credentials are correct. If you have another set of credentials, please check them also.
  3. Check if your MT's API panel allows connections to the outside world (Google MT especially)
  4. If nothing happens when you click on Synchronize or if you receive an error, please open dev tools in your browser and check for potential error messages

MT failing to process some of the segments

What you can check before creating a ticket:

  1. Check if you didn't hit any of the limits on your MT API. Either character or time limit is important.
  2. Check if the MT you are using (if applicable) can translate the left out segments with In XTM Editor mode
  3. Check if the affected segments have special signs or other such characters that can influence the MT output

MT failing to process all segments

Basic check a user can run before submitting a ticket:

  1. Check if the MT is selected on the project level.
  2. Check the project's metrics. If there are only ICE, Leveraged and other kinds of matches, then probably your MT is set to ignore such matches. Please check your project's general info page.
  3. Check if the MT is synchronized and credentials you are using are correct
  4. Check if no limits are exceeded
  5. Check if a given language pair is supported by a given MT. 

Please note that if MT just recently added a given language pair to the list of their supported languages, chances are XTM is not yet supporting it and has to create a proper MT improvement.

MT working only in the Editor mode

Initial checks you can perform before submitting a ticket:

  1. Check your global MT settings and verify if after analysis mode is selected
  2. Check if another and smaller files are translated during the analysis

Google MT restricted access

Currently, XTM can work with Google MT only if there are no restrictions set in the Google API panel. As soon as you set a whitelist or other restriction methods, MT won't work with XTM.

MT in subcontracted projects

Currently, it's only possible for a subcontractor (LSP) to enable MT in a subcontracted project only when the contractor establishes a proper option on his side. While the UI on the LSP side may show that a particular MT is available for switching on, this can be a false-positive and before proceeding a user should verify with his contractor if the MT is indeed switched on.

What levels of customization XTM offers

This generally differs from MT to MT, but engines that offer multiple profiles (like MS MT) often can be set on the customer or project template (project) level. Setting up a model per language within one project is currently not possible.

DeepL is not working

If issues from the above are not applicable, there is one possible angle you can check. DeepL comes in two versions: V1 (for CAT tools) and V2 (for developers). XTM is supporting only V1, so please check in your DeepL pannel if you also have a correct version of the MT.