Below you will find the most common causes of issues with project activation

Timeout in browser

Activation of bulky projects can take a while and usually can result in timeouts in the browser. Usually, a few clicks on the wait button results in an already activated project. In some cases, the wait button produces no visual results, however, the process is initiated in the background and is over after some time- if you access the UI after a couple of minutes, the project is active. 

Caution: Please refrain from clicking the activate button too many times as this will cause permanent issues for a given project.

For API users: Please utilize the updateProjectActivity method to activate your projects and bypass the cumbersome UI activation. Below you can find an example of the method:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:pm="">


















Project older than 04.2018 on XTM Cloud returning error

To save disc space XTM is storing archived projects on a separate, secure server. This method of preservation has been introduced on 04.2018 and any project that was created before this implementation is available for restoration only for our Support staff. If your project matches those criteria, please reach out to our Support with a set of the following details:

  • Customer's ID
  • Project ID

Where Customer's ID is an ID of the customer for whom the project has been created. Below you can find where both IDs can be extracted from:



Due to the nature of this method, specified projects will be available after 6-12 hours.

A subcontracted project cannot be activated by LSP

If you received a project from a contractor and it got archived due to some reason, please reach out to your contractor and ask him to activate the project. If he activated it and the project is still inactive on your side, please reach out to our Support.

Cannot activate a project after a migration or XTM upgrade

While our standard tests usually eliminate such issues before a client has a chance to notice it, sometimes you can encounter such an issue after your standalone server has been either migrated or upgraded. If this is the case, please reach out to our Support.