InDesign font squeezed or malformed

This topic has been covered in this article: 

VE for DITA/XML not working

If it's your first time uploading DITA/XML files, chances are you have VE for those files disabled. Please send a ticket to our support requesting the establishment of VE for the mentioned file extensions.
Please note also that if you requested previously VE for DITA/XML  with specific root nodes, if you introduce files with a different root node, our Support will have to alter your VE configuration to make it work.

Images not displayed in VE

Indesign part has been covered here: 

When uploading files, please make sure that:

  1. They are in one of the allowed formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG
  2. They are properly referenced in the source document (e.g. in DITA src="images/text_picture.jpg" means that you have to upload zipped images folder with text_picture.jpg in it)
  3. Images are zipped and their overall size does not exceed 150MBs

Parts of VE unclickable

Due to security reasons, XTM is blocking content that, mainly in HTML source files, is linked to a JS code. Please review your source if it contains JS code or is referring to an external sheet (in most cases uploaded in preview files), if yes, please consider deleting it or altering the document before submitting it to XTM.

Different content than in the Editor/Workbench

Please keep in mind that VE aims to be a 1:1 representation of the source document. If some parts of the document are not visibly exposed in the document (e.g. attributes in the HTML source, InDesign style nodes, alternate content in DOCX), then it won't be represented in the VE. 

Also, if you requested ITS configurations to be established, parts that have been blocked or exposed to translation this way won't be available in VE.

Source and target in VE misaligned

This issue mostly occurs in InDesign. The following method can be followed:

The page doesn't change due to InDesign moving the segment to another page. It occurs probably because there is not enough space on the current page to contain this node. However, the segment remains on the same page for source preview, therefore, it isn't changed.

In this situation to change the page, you can unlink the source from the target by clicking the button next to the option to change the page:

This feature is available using new Visual Editor.