There are multiple reasons for a user not being able to log in. Below you can find the most common issues.

Wrong URL

Please verify if the URL you are trying to reach is correct. If you are trying to reach our cloud, we have two servers established:

Paid production server

Free of charge trial server 

Wrong "Company" name

The most common mistake in such a situation is either inserting the wrong Company name or entering the name in an incorrect format. By incorrect format, we mean inserting the Company name starting with a lower case while the correct name starts with an upper case.

Real company name: TestCompany

Inserted company name: testCompany

Please check if your company name is inputted correctly. If in doubt, please check your very first email from XTM which should contain the proper information.

Incorrect password

Please make sure that your password is inputted correctly by checking its spelling, size of letters and order of special characters. Furthermore, please make sure that no whitespaces exist, either after, in the middle, or before the password.

If none of the above is applicable, please use the password restoration method:

After clicking this link and filling out the necessary details you should receive an email with a reset link. In case you can't find the said email, please wait a few minutes and then check again. Some mailing providers also mark emails from XTM as spam, therefore "Spam" folder should be also checked up.

Popup blocker

XTM by design is opening in a pop-up window. Please be sure to enable pop-up for your current browser in order to access our system. Below you can find a short tutorial for enabling pop-ups in Chrome: 

Reach out to your Project Manager or Admin

Since our employees are prohibited from performing any changes on users' accounts and have no access to their credentials, please reach out to your local XTM PM or Admin in order to have your password reset.

Application issues

In rare cases, our application will malfunction. If every step above failed, please open your browser's developer tools (usually invoked by hitting F12 on your keyboard), navigate to "Console", take a screenshot and issue a ticket in our ticketing system or send it to our agents in an already existing ticket:

In the link below you can find a brief how-to on using Dev Tools: