Notification issues can appear due to many reasons. Below you will find the most common causes.

Message bounced off by an email provider

Some of email providers (a company that is hosting your email account) based on traffic decide to block (bounce off) messages coming from XTM. If XTM Support states that your message could have been bounced off, please contact your email provider in order to whitelist your local XTM instance.

Message put to the spam folder

Checking your spam folder should be first thing before submitting a ticket in our system. Often enough notifications are put to the spam folder by email provider's algorithms and are still accessible.

Custom configuration present on your server

XTM allows configuring which notifications will be sent and which won't, thus extending or limiting the number of notifications that are being sent. If you expected to receive a notification, it didn't reach you, spam folder is empty and your PM told you that assignment was properly done, please ask your local Project Manager or XTM admin if he requested our support to set custom mailing configuration. You can also reach out to our Support and our Engineers will check the server's backend.

Messages blocked by internal network firewall or proxy

If you are operating on a standalone server (only one company present at the server) chances are you have your own IT infrastructure build and your colleagues from the IT department might have set up firewalls or proxies in order to ramp up the security of your server. Before reaching out to our Support, it's good to ask your colleagues if incoming messages aren't blocked in any shape or form.