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Locked account- Company issue

Most of the free of charge subscriptions in XTM has a defined inactivity time. If, for example, your company is using the Subcontracting license type, then after a half of a year of inactivity such an account will be deleted. In such cases, every user associated with such an account will be unable to enter XTM.

Locked account- Security: logon attempts, expiration, computer activation

In accordance with your company's policy, your Project Manager or XTM Admin can set up various methods of account protection:

  1. Log on attempts- Determines how many failed login attempts are allowed for users. If set to 0, no such restriction is in place.
  2. Disable account after non-use- Determines how long (in days) your account can remain active after the last login
  3. Computer activation- Determines which users are a subject to computer activation protocol. If enabled, each user attempting to login from another browser, cleared browser or another computer will receive an activation email. In case no such email is sent, please check our article about notification issues:

Important: XTM staff is not authorized to alter your login credentials and in fact has no access to such data. In order to change your credentials, please reach out to your Project Manager or XTM admin.