1. Metrics/statistics change with the project progresses

Metrics and statistics change depending on the linguists' activity.

Metrics are divided into Initial Metrics (created based on the content of the translation memory immediately after the initial analysis of uploaded files and creation of the project) and Current Metrics (visible in the Metrics tab in the project view, depending on changes of matches as a result of linguists' activities in subsequent workflow steps).

Source statistics provide information about the number of segments, words, characters, and characters as a percentage in the source text that has been translated in a specific workflow step by a specific user.

Target statistics provide information about the number of segments, words, characters and characters as a percentage in the target text translated in a specific workflow step by a specific user.

2. Why can't I generate costs?

Costs are generated on the basis of metrics/statistics / time spent working on a given step, manually entered by a linguist / PM (depending on settings). Based on these values and the figures contained in the rate cards, the costs of the linguists’ work are calculated. There are several reasons that prevent you from being able to generate costs. The most common of them include:

- no linguist assigned to the workflow step

- no rate cards/partially completed rate cards (e.g. not for all workflow steps)

- assigning a group to the step instead of a single linguist - you cannot assign a group to generate costs

- no exchange rates for a linguist with a currency other than the default. You can find exchange rates options under Configuration -> Data -> Estimates -> Exchange rates

3. I chose the option of generating costs based on the "Time or ..." option, but automatic time tracking visible in the statistics was not included. Instead, the costs were generated based on metrics and statistics.

XTM does not provide for cost calculation based on automatic time tracking data. Only the time entered manually by the linguist / PM (depending on the settings) is possible to use when generating costs.

Manual time tracking can be enabled under Configuration -> Settings -> Project -> Time tracking.

Then you will be able to implement this option to your workflow in the Workflow tab in the project view by using the Edit workflow button. You will see a pop-up window in which you should mark Calculate costs based on manual time option.

4. After reanalyzing the project/uploading the file for the continuous project, the statistics disappeared. Why?

Please check options in Configuration -> Data -> Estiamtes -> Cost settings -> Automation of continuous projects -> Save history of project metrics, statistics, tracked time and costs when…

Selecting these options and reanalyzing/uploading files to CP results in "deleting" statistics from the UI. This mechanism is used so that after making the mentioned actions, the data in the statistics do not accumulate.

In this case, you can automate the cost calculation process by selecting the appropriate option in Generate costs for project history. In this case, every time you reanalyze/upload the file to CP, costs will be generated first, and then the statistics will be deleted. On the same page, we can decide on the basis of what type of data will be generated cost (metrics/statistics/time tracking), whether we will use zeros for missing rates/time and whether we use the calculations with dummy assignee.

5. The data in the Costs and metrics report are inconsistent with ...

Please remember that the Costs and metrics reports retrieved from the given project data from the last correctly generated costs, i.e. those which did not contain errors or warnings after the generation process (red and yellow symbols next to entries in Estimates-> Costs).

Make sure that after you change the project settings or the cost settings, the costs have been generated again before attempting to generate the report. Generating a report does not automatically generate costs if in Estimates-> Costs in a given project any costs were correctly generated in the past. Please also remember that if the project does not contain correctly generated costs, when generating the report, the costs will be created based on the settings saved in Configuration -> Data -> Estimates -> Cost settings.

6. Reports are generated endlessly (the circle next to the Run button rotates constantly)


This behavior of XTM is not correct and should be reported to the Support Team. However, please remember to first wait a certain amount of time (due to technical difficulties, for example, the process may sometimes take longer) and not try to generate many reports in a row, because with a high degree of probability this will not help in generating the report, but can only increase the number of blocked database queries, which at some point may cause XTM to cease to be operational in any way for all users on a given instance.