Upload limit

Please note that the standard file upload size for any XTM server is set by default to 150MB. If you exceed this limit, you will receive JSON 500 error message with an additional UI message about failed align. In order to bypass this limitation, please try one of the following solutions:

  1. Zip your files and attempt to reupload them.
  2. If step #1 is still not yielding any results, please attempt to portion your files and upload them in a succession. A good way to make your files slimmer is to remove any instances of repeated segments.

The difference in files' volume

Align, as the process names indicate, is a matching process of source segment to a target segment. Therefore if there is a big difference in the number of segments between two of the files, align will fail. A good way to measure how many segments a given file has is to create a test project in XTM for each file and then to compare what is displayed either in workflow or metrics.

Languages not displayed in the align dropdown

XTM displays a wide array of languages you can choose from. Before attempting to align files, please visit the Align tab and verify which languages are available in the language dropdown.

Align processing files a long time

There are two possible causes for such an issue:

  1. Your file is waiting in the Alignment queue and waiting for other company's file to finish aligning
  2. You have chosen a given language combination to align for the first time. It means that the system has to generate a proper dictionary before the process can be started. When aligning for that specific language combination for the second time, the dictionary is then reused, shortening the overall process.