Issue: Session has expired when a user is working in Workbench:

Such users should be always advised to work in a single browser/single browser mode. In the workbench, however, you can simultaneously work on more than one file/document at the same time. When such a user will log out from the PM GUI (from the current user account) the session opened in a separate tab should expire soon.

If the user complies with the above requirements and the session is still expiring, please send us such information as required below:

  1. Precise date and time range when the session expired issue appeared
  2. Workbench instance ID (the _s parameter value). It can be found in your current URL in document that you are working on.
  3. Send us the exact name of the project and the file you were working on when the session expired
  4. Provide the name of the user who is experiencing this problem

We suggest that you can check whether you are using the latest version of your web browser and whether you have disabled any unnecessary plugins or addons. If the plugin in your browser affects cookies, it may also have the effect that the session expires. The reason for session expiration in Workbench may also be when another user logs in to the same web browser.

What is the default Workbench session expiry time and can we change it?

The default inactivity time for Workbench on each server is set to 30 minutes (60 minutes in the old Editor). Currently, changing it is possible by modifying the current time out configuration on our end.