Wordcount in XTM as compared with other CAT Tools and MS Word

Each CAT Tool or application operates according to its own set of rules. Wordcount is not exempted from such rules and tends to differ across the software. For example, while one application can count an email address as one word, another application can count is as 3 words.

Furthermore, a user while using DOCX (and similar) files as the source files has to remember that often this particular file type allows something called "alternate content". Such content is often a string of text that is contained within charts' or images' description or within text boxes and another kind of field. If you find duplicated segments and the duplicate is nowhere to be seen within the source file, then most likely you are dealing with alternate content. In such a case, please contact our Support with a request for the establishment of ITS rules that will exclude this content.

Wordcount for CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) languages.

XTM allows a user to take full control over the word count for Asian languages. To alter character per word ratio, please access Configuration > Settings > Translation > Metrics.

Here you can set how many characters will be converted into words for metrics' calculation.

Where it comes to a mixed script (e.g. Japanese + English source), the non-Asian language will be counted on normal basic, while the Asian alphabet will be counted according to factors set in the above-mentioned section.