In XTM there is a possibility to alter what email notifications a user can receive. Such a change can be introduced by our Support on a given client's account, from the server's side. 

Not receiving a notification?

Below you will find what steps you can take:

  • Check your Spam folder and Inbox in case it was mishandled by your email provider
  • If your company uses your own email service, please reach out to your IT in order to check if emails from XTM aren't blocked
  • Ask other users if they are receiving notifications
  • Reach out to your Project Manager and ask if any email customizing rules were ordered from XTM Support in the past
  • If all of the above fails or is not applicable, please reach out to our Support with such data as a username of a user affected, a time when the notification should have been sent, an action which you took and in your opinion should trigger notifications

Possible causes of such behavior:

  • Email provider placing notifications in Spam folder
  • Email provider blacklisting notification that originates from an XTM email domain by marking them internally as high-traffic spam
  • Your company's email service not working or working incorrectly
  • Custom notification configuration present on the backend of your account
  • Mail queue experiencing high usage on XTM side

Please remember that you won't be receiving notifications on the actions you triggered yourself. If you are conducting tests, please assign your test linguist to a given step and check if notifications are sent on his email.

Email recipients

Below you will find a handful of information as to when a notification is being sent to a given user role.

Emails regarding the project are sent to users associated with this project:

  • Creator of the project
  • Project's Manager
  • Customer's watchers - PMs, Limited PMs, CPMs
  • Customer's CPMs
  • Assigned Linguists
  • Assigned LSPs


Who becomes the Project Manager?

  • Project created by PM: Project's creator becomes its PM
  • Project created by LPM/CPM: Customer's PM (Customer Editor > Basic information > Project Manager) becomes Project's PM
  • Project created by LPM/CPM: Customer has no PM - Project has no Manager
  • PM set manually, after project creation, by a user in Project Editor > General info > Project Manager
  • Project created by Contractor: Contractor has PM assigned on LSP account (Users > LSPs > LSP Editor > General > Project Manager): that PM becomes Project's Manager (on LSP account)
  • Project created by Contractor: Contractor has no PM assigned on LSP account: Project has no Manager (on LSP account)


Additional info

  • If the project has no manager (Project Editor > General info > Project Manager) - emails are sent to all client's PMs and limited PMs.
  • If in Projects > Project Editor > Workflow we uncheck option "Email users assigned" and then update the project, nobody gets an email about this update.
  • The project's PM that performs an action on project doesn't receive an email. The customer's watcher that performs an action on project does receive an email.
  • CPM receiving update email - does not depend on workflow trusted status
  • Customer's PM - doesn't receive emails, just becomes the project's PM if the creator is LPM/CPM

Does the User receive an email?PROJECT has PM
 PMPM projects & customersPM project creator & viewer (less trusted)CPM
ACTION ON PROJECTcreatorproject's PMwatchercreatorwatchercreatorwatchercreatorwatcheronly CPM
CREATE/ REANALYSE/ PREPROCyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Does the User receive an email?PROJECT has no PM
(created by LPM/CPM, Customer had no PM assigned)
ACTION ON PROJECTAll PMsAll PM projects & customersAll PM project creator & viewer (less trusted)All CPMs