Checking the processing queue:

The queue can be checked through the console or in the web browser.
 In the console, please run:

links http://localhost:8161/admin/queues.jsp

Alternatively, the queue can be checked in a web browser. To do this, paste this code in your browser, changing the domain to the one you have your xtm application running on:

You will be then prompted for a user and password // which can be acquired writing to support? // 

Restarting queue:

For full restart of the queue, there needs to be done a full restart of the XTM application ( How to do this, please refer to: Proper (re)starting xtm application and its components ), however, in most cases, the restart of processing should be enough. To make a restart of processing, please log in as xtm user, and then run:

sudo systemctl restart xtm-pm.service

When there are no consumers in the queue or queue is stuck at processing:

Simply do the restart of processing as shown above, in the "Restarting queue" section. In case it will not be able to reset the queue, please do as follows:


In xtm, the consumers and queues are read from the file called jmsworkers-conf. First, you can do a full restart of xtm application to reread the consumers from file.
How to make a full restart is described here: Proper (re)starting xtm application and its components