We would like to present to you a little summary of the reindexing process. 



Reindex action is not an update action, there will not be any change within XTM or a downtime, only the Lucene index will be recreated. In order to make sure if the reindex action was addressing the issue, you can check if the same TM entry is displayed in the Workbench and in the TM Manager. No additional tests are needed after the process is finished.

After the action has been performed in the reported projects, after performing the update within segments, all the correct matches will be available as they will be returned correctly from the TM database. The reindexing itself is performed per language, meaning that for an exemplary Portuguese (Brazil) language, pt_BR under all customers will have its indexing recreated.


The reindexing process of all languages (as opposed to reindexing per language) can be scheduled only during non-business hours, as it may affect users’ work in the Workbench. In general, XTM will still be accessible, however, saving segments or matching within the language that is being reindexed, will be suspended for the duration of the operation. 


The time the process takes depends on the size of the TM data the process has to index. It can take from a couple of minutes to several hours. After the process, the support agent will check the logs for confirmation if the action has been performed correctly.