How to recognize the TM indexing issue?

  • A common indication that indexes for the TM are misplaced is when a given TM match is shown in the Workbench, but you cannot find it in the TM Manager.
  • A phrase search is not returning as many matches in the TM Managers as it should
  • Concordance is not displaying matches or too few matches

What details XTM Support need to start analyzing your issue?

  • A phrase you were searching in the TM Manager/ Concordance
  • Username or an ID of a user who was conducting the search
  • Language combination
  • Customer for which the search was done (if in Concordance)


    Schedule reindexing during non-working hours because it's not recommended to translate or create projects during this time. The average reindexing of 1.5 million segments will take around 5 minutes. It is advised to run reindexing over all languages that might take up to six hours.