What is language in XTM:

It’s a category of a language, for example, English. Source language is a text that you want to be translated and the target language is the one that you want to translate into. 

What is language variation in XTM:

It’s a subcategory of a language, for example, English(Polish) or English(German). The second word after the name of the language is language variation. Language variations might have a slight impact on the final results of the translation (TM matching). 

Language variants are separate functionality, in comparison to adding the whole new language, which

can be added to the newest XTM version release. Variants for XTM mean that they need to leverage

across TMs in all variants, potentially applying TM penalty profiles based on the variant.

How my request will be handled?

Adding language variants needs an estimation task first as it requires a financial investment.

Adding new language for generating separate TMs, Terminology, etc.- is free of charge and its implementation is usually at the end of the development cycle.