In order to import the field to the terminology module, it name has to be exactly the same as it is in the XTM UI.

For instance, if we have Suggested notes, and Translate in the concept metadata, the file has to have the exact same naming, otherwise, import of this particular metadata will fail

If you have not found the metadata field that would meet your expectation, you can always add you own field.

XTM offers a lot of customization when it comes to terminology metadata.

In settings>data>custom fields, you can add your own customized terminology field

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Having an issue to import the terminology or import a certain field?

Add term manually in terminology module, insert all necessary metadata that you would like to include.

If you do not see the custom field metadata, please click on the rachet in the right upper corner

Then chose Concept or term detail to show the field or fields.

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If you have added all metadata and term and their translation, go to Terminology export.

I highly recommend searching for specific phrases, and export only terms from the search.

Do not forget to export the Term or Concept field, you can filter which you would like to have in your file.

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Press the Export and open the file.

The file will represent as exemplary file on how, and to where insert the field to have it imported